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Welcome to Swing Note Productions

Welcome to Swing Note Productions, a company with wide horizons; a home for fine art in sound. As music making should be a creative process, it is also many times a live performance.

To connect these two to the best result and produce it with all the available means in best possible quality, is our goal: a good live music event or a productive, structural education project. These are our 2 fine products available for you through our service as presented here. Our live music performances & teaching projects are designed by our experienced and professional artists - instructors, up, close & personal with our clients. For more information on possibilities and bookings, feel free to contact us.

Music is based on vibrations, transmitted through the air as different frequencies and rhythms. It depends on state of someone's mind. In live performance, that state of mind can be transferred to that of the listener's, through the music itself. That state of mind has the main impact on what kind of music (“vibe”) is on, what will the people feel and what will the message be. We try to always concentrate on the "right" state of mind and music, trendy to some or not at the given time moment.

It is the quality of live music, delivery and “story” that matters to us. Carefully aided and cared for by our well-seasoned, authentic, international professionals on stage. In our education projects the students are trained in the principles of melody, harmony, rhythm and instrumental or/and vocal technique, raising from the knowledge of the Music History and the Theory of Music. Our instructors are never yesterday’s students but the first self-earned “high mileage” live-performers and skilled teachers with proper degrees at their belt and always active professional performers in their own careers, so to bring the best to the classroom, to pass it over directly from the stage.

Again, it is the state of mind of one person or group, that decides what kind of music, or elsewhere sometimes just noise, will be produced. History provides us with a vast heritage from which we try to learn and take the best ideas and lessons from, as the foundation of our current thinking and hearing today. To some, the “taste” is very often an excuse. However, the knowledge is essential in developing personal taste. Louis Armstrong said once: “If you don’t know it, don’t mess with it.” Furthermore, we hear a lot about the innovation being requested today. In jazz, this was the trend mainly in 50’s and 60’s. It was also very productive in this period. Whatever has been made then, it was called “modern”. There is almost nothing played today that wasn’t played already then, by Eric Dolphy, Coltrane & others.

Today, it is 2014. In our case, we never innovate without maintaining a connection to the roots. At the end, the innovation that survived the test of time was the one that came out as a consequence of the honest, skilled exploring and mastering the existed first. In some cases, there is no need to innovate but to build up the ability to reproduce live, in as best possible quality. This is already a life-time mission. Our final statement we will borrow from the best performers of the Classic Music of today:

If something is already perfect, there is nothing left to be innovated; only as close as possible to perfect.


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